Election of Society Board members for the Argyle Fans’ Trust (Plymouth Argyle Supporters Society Ltd.)

1. An election is to be held of Members of the Society Board of the Argyle Fans’ Trust (Plymouth Argyle Supporters Society Limited).

2. The number of Society Board Members to be elected is four.

3. Only persons who are Trust members aged 16 years or over on Monday 13th November 2017 are eligible to stand as a candidate at the election. All full Trust members aged 16 years or over on 13th November 2016 are eligible to vote at the election.

4. Nomination forms will be sent to all Trust members from 19th November together with notice of the Society AGM. They may also be obtained from Tony Cannan, by post or email. Postal address: Argyle Fans’ Trust, PO Box 290, Plymouth, PL5 9BW. Alternatively, nomination forms may be downloaded from the Argyle Fans’ Trust website.

5. Completed nomination papers (including a Candidate’s Statement of no more than 300 words) are to be delivered by surface mail or email to the above addresses on any day after the date of this notice, but not later than Thursday 7th December 2017. Candidates may also wish to submit a passport-sized photo (or digital image in the case of emailed submissions) with their form and statement.

6. Candidates are reminded that they must adhere to the AFT Election Policy, which is available online at the Election web area as linked in (4) above. Alternatively, a copy of the Policy may be obtained from the postal or email addresses given above.

7. If five or more candidates are validly nominated, a postal ballot will take place of all registered full members of the Argyle Fans’ Trust. If there are four or fewer candidates remaining validly nominated, then an affirmative ballot shall be held in accordance with the Society‘s Rules at the Society’s Annual General Meeting, which is to be held at 17:15 at the Life Centre on Saturday 9th December. Hustings will be held at the AGM.

8. In the event of a ballot being required, postal ballot papers will be posted to members on Monday 11th December and must be returned to the Registered Address of the Society by Friday 12th January. Alternatively ballot papers may be delivered in person at the AGM prior to the commencement of the meeting.

9. The result of the election will be announced at an EGM on Saturday 20th January or as soon as possible afterwards and published on the Argyle Fans’ Trust website at 8:00pm on Monday 22nd January.

Dated Sunday 12th November

Argyle Fans’ Trust is the trading name of Plymouth Argyle Supporters’ Society Ltd. FSA Reg. No.31149R
Registered address: Argyle Fans’ Trust, PO Box 290, Plymouth, PL5 9BW.