Three of the Argyle Fans’ Trust Board attended the planning committee meeting at Plymouth City Council on Thursday 14th December and we were delighted that Phase One received unanimous 13 – 0 support. The AFT have always supported the refurbishment of the grandstand.

We did however have genuine concerns about some aspects of this hybrid application, such as parking and accessibility. These issues generated the majority of discussion before and during the planning meeting, with the result that they been acknowledged and some matters addressed.

It was noted that more than one councillor expressed their reservations about hybrid applications, which was the other main concern raised by our members and those who responded to the Council.

Phases Two and Three have been given outline planning permission, with councillors making it clear that these would have to come back to the full planning committee. Once outline permission has been granted, the applicant will need to ask for approval of the details before work can start. These details will therefore be the subject of a “reserved matters” application at a later stage and will come under separate scrutiny.

As well as the requirement of £250,000 in Section 106 contributions, a caveat was also inserted which requires a time scale for any agreement between PAFC and City Bus for the use of the Milehouse depot. This will only be for midweek conferences that exceed 250 delegates.

It is important now that the Board of the AFT fully canvass the views of its membership before deciding on our next course of action. In the meantime, please let us know what you think by talking to us at the table outside the Devonport End before home games or by emailing us.