The AFT recently carried out a short survey on supporter opinions on stewarding at Home Park, following various reports of unrest in parts of the ground.

Nearly 200 responses were gathered within a week, completed in time to present the results to the club at a scheduled meeting with PAFC Chief Executive Michael Dunford.

It’s reasonably positive for the club in that a targeted survey on this topic actually sees an increase in positive responses on some questions, when compared with the Close Season Survey (CSS) carried out in the summer of this year.

Having said that, nearly a quarter say their opinion of the stewarding has declined during the season – when filtered further, it became clear that these negative responses largely originated from respondents seated in Block 14.

Simply put, there is an issue, but it might not be quite as significant as it may have appeared at times on various internet forums.

196 responses collected in a six day window

Block Analysis

Block with highest representation – Block 14 (14.36%), Block 12 (9.74%), Block 3/9/10 (9.23%)


60% have attended 7 or more games this season, 18% have been to 4-6 games, 22% less than 3

Seating Preferences

51.5% prefer to sit, 22.5% prefer to stand, 25% vary between the two

Club Stewarding Policy

41% are satisfied (26%) / very satisfied (15%) with the club’s stewarding policy

32% are dissatisfied (20.5%) / very dissatisfied (11.5%)

Stewarding Performance

39% are satisfied (26%) / very satisfied (13%) with the performance of the stewards (CSS – 34.5%)

32% are dissatisfied (19%) / very dissatisfied (13%)                                                            (CSS – 27%)

24% say their opinion has declined during this season

7% say their opinion has improved during this season

Clearing Walkways

46% would like the stewards to do more to clear aisles and walkways                           (CSS – 53%)

Only 15% suggest that there is a persistent issue relating to stewarding in the block they visit most

Opportunities to Stand

When asked if they would take an opportunity to stand during a match, there is a precise 38% vs 38% split between “Yes” and “No”.

An additional 19% would answer Yes if a particular block was identified as an area of tolerance.

Safe Standing

83% are in favour of Safe Standing, 7.5% are not.                                                         (CSS – 87% vs 5%)

Disability Issues

14% reported that they had disability issues, with a third agreeing that this had an impact on their responses to the survey.