Election 2012

Trust Board 2012 Election

The Trust’s 2012 election process is seeking to fill at least four and up to five positions on the Trust board. Documentation regarding the election process can be found below.

On October 28th the Electoral Management Group (EMG) announced the receipt of three successful nominations from candidates wishing to join the Board of the Argyle Fans’ Trust. These are Jon Sparkes, John Petrie and Andy Symons.

As there are fewer candidates than there are vacancies the Electoral Management Group will declare the three nominated candidates duly elected at the AGM on 24th November. The three new Board members will be available at the AGM to answer questions from members.

Under the AFT’s Rules, the Board must consist of at least six, and not more than twelve, members to operate fully. There are two members continuing their service (Ed Shillabeer and Tim Chown) which means that with the three valid candidates the Board will be one member short of the minimum laid down in the rules. Therefore the Board will also seek to co-opt at least one volunteer as soon as possible after the AGM.

Election Documents

Note that the number of elected places to be determined has risen from three to five between the Pre-Notice and Final Notice of Election being issued.

The Election Management Group (EMG)

The role of the Election Management Group is to ensure that the election is run in accordance with the Election Rules Policy. In order to maintain the integrity of the election process, the Chair of the EMG is an independent person who is not a member of the Trust Board, and members of the EMG are not eligible to nominate candidates nor be a candidate themselves.

The EMG this year is Adrian Green, Linda Fleming (Trust Secretary), Sally Snow and Bob Wright.

To contact the EMG, you can email the Trust Secretary at secretary@argylefanstrust.com or write to 11 Glenavon Road, Mannamead, Plymouth PL3 4PE.

Key Dates

Friday 28th September: Date by which those wishing to stand or vote in the election must be members.

Saturday 29th September: Nomination papers available.

Thursday 17th October: Deadline for nominations to be returned.

Friday 26th October: Candidates’ statements to be published on the website. Ballot papers to be posted out (if more than five candidates stand)

Friday 23rd November: If a ballot is held, the closing date for return of ballot papers (unless returned in person prior to the start of the AGM)

Saturday 24th November: Announcement of result at the AGM (or presentation of candidates if five or less candidates stand)

Monday 26th November: Publication of result on Trust web site.

Thursday 29th November: Deadline for appeals.