AFT Chairman’s Update #20 ~ 05/04/18

As we enter the final furlong of the race for a play-off place, it is time once again to ask for your nominations for the AFT Player of the Year. Please email your choice of player to

Following the late postponement at Scunthorpe the AFT Board issued a statement raising concerns about:

1. Delays in covering the pitch
2. Delays in inspecting the pitch
3. Bank Holiday away fixtures at Scunthorpe, Morecambe et al

We felt we needed an immediate response on this issue as so many people had contacted us. Social media responses were polarised. We would like to know what your opinion is of this statement.

As you know, the Green Taverners have ambitious plans to replace the old Far Post Club with a new two storey building. The AFT Board fully support this initiative in principle, but are awaiting details of the GT’s business plan before consulting members as to whether we should invest in this project. We shall be putting up a surveymonkey poll in the next few days and emailing our membership to gather their views.

As we look ahead to next season, what is the single most important issue that you see the Argyle Fans’ Trust needing to address? Please let us know via or on our website.

Bob Foale

AFT Chairman