Are you collecting Panini World Cup stickers and have lots of swaps you’d like to, er, swap?

If so then then the Argyle Fans’ Trust would like to invite you to a Panini World Cup Sticker Swap session which will take place in the customer café upstairs at the Transit Way Tesco Superstore between 1600-1800 on Tuesday 29th May.

The session is open to everyone and you could even do your shopping while you are there so there’s no need for a special journey!

We will not be selling stickers but they can be purchased in the main store.

There is no entry fee of any sort and no money will be changing hands but AFT will be making a donation to St Luke’s Hospice in recognition of Tesco’s willingness to allow us the use of a corner of their café.

Finally huge thanks to Jacqui at Tesco are in order for her help with making the arrangements for this.

We hope to see you there!