The AFT held its AGM at the Life Centre immediately after the Fleetwood game on Saturday. Maybe it was the free pasties or the free draw for a signed Argyle shirt, but we were delighted to have well over twenty members attend, allowing us to be quorate. Well done to Tim Ellis who won the shirt !

I am pleased to announce that Christopher Dean, Tony Hooper, Keith Brown, Celia Ellacott, Sam Down and Andy Symons will all join Sue Clark, Roger Willis, Virginia Pike, Tony Sherlock, John Lloyd and Bob Foale on an enlarged Board of 12 members. Tim Chown will continue to be our society Secretary.

Thank you to Roger Willis who has transformed the membership secretary’s role and to Virginia Pike who, with Roger’s assistance, has completed a fantastic job in getting our finances up to date. Many thanks to Sue Clark who has championed the cause of our disabled supporters and outgoing board member Ed Shillabeer who has campaigned for safe standing. I have also been grateful for John Lloyd’s expertise in communications and Tony Sherlock’s as minutes secretary. Finally a huge vote of thanks to Tim Chown who has overseen the election process and advised the Board in many areas of its business.

We are looking forward to a meeting in a couple of weeks with Simon Hallett, as well as our third consecutive meeting with Michael Dunford. We are also hoping to see a positive birth to Michael’s plans for an Argyle Assembly, attempting to bring together the many various organisations that help support our great club.

You will be able to read the documents associated with the AGM including society accounts for 2015/16, 2016/17 and 2017/18 and various reports for 2018 here:

You can read the candidate statements here:

You can read the outcome of our recent election process here: